Farzad Farhand International Trading Company establishes a strategic partnership with its clients to maximize their business potential. With over 35 years of experience in business and product development and import and export expertise, Farzad Farhand International Trading can assist you in taking your company to the next level.

Our success record of private labeling expands from El Fiore cosmetics brand to Big H trade mark brand for sugar cubes and grape seed oil. Our thorough knowledge of manufacturing and private labeling practices can assist you to expand your market place and market share.

Do you:

  • Have an idea of a product?
  • Need to know how to develop it?
  • Find resources to get it made?

We can help you!

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The Newest Addition to our Product line:

Chocolate Printer

State of the art Stainless steel construction, High Quality Graphic Printer with FDA approved Teflon tray for food items including: icing, cookie sheet , cakes, and anything chocolate, using U.S.A. FDA approved food colouring.

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